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  • Celebrate Bike Week: June 9 to 17!
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    young girl on bike, back facing camera, sun shining in from top left.Bike Week is a favourite around here at My IDentity Doctor! Why is that? We love seeing our customers and friends getting out in their communities, getting active, and participating in a transportation method that can help you get where you’re going almost as fast as driving! We also love seeing that nearly everyone can participate in cycling: whether you ride a bike, a trike, a tandem bicycle, or a handcycle, or a custom bike that allows you or a child to ride with a disability, biking might just be for you!
    Oh, and if you don’t even want to go anywhere, you can even ride a stationary bike!
    Of course, there are many things you should keep in mind when you’re cycling outdoors (and, of course, you should probably avoid riding any non-stationary bikes indoors!).
    Cycling safely
    • Always wear a helmet. And, if your helmet takes an impact, replace it immediately, unless it is designed for multiple impacts.
    • Learn your local rules and laws. In some places, cyclists are not allowed on the sidewalk at all, unless the bicycle tires are under a certain diameter.
    • Know the rules of the road. For road cyclists, make sure you follow the same rules you would if you were driving: obey traffic laws, signal, and use your lane appropriately. Let pedestrians know you are behind them with ample warning—it can be very hard to hear a bike coming!
    • Take a cycling safety class! I only recently learned about these. Cycling safety classes take novice cyclists and teach them how to appropriately and safely share the road with motorists—and, bonus, you’ll meet local cyclists in your community!
    • Exercise caution cycling with pets. It’s delightful to see a dog running beside a bike—but, be aware of what can go wrong, Dogs are dogs, and may decide they want to go a different direction from your bike, or become distracted by another dog, putting both you and your furry friend at risk. Know your dog extremely well to decide if cycling on- or off-leash is a good option for exercise.
    • Dress properly. Wear clothing that is not too loose, and is bright colours to ensure those around can see you.
    • Use proper safety gear on your bike. Ensure reflectors are well-placed,  lights are working properly, and signal bells and horns are accessible but not in the way if you use them.
      • Ensure any gear attached to your bike is well secured, including in baskets or saddlebags.
    • Maintain your bike well and know how to repair common issues. A small repair kit on your bike can go a long way!
    And of course, wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace if you’re cycling with a medical condition. If you are an avid cyclist with no known medical issues, it may still be to your advantage to wear a sport identification medical band in case of an emergency. Our sports bands are a great choice for cyclists, as they are lightweight and will not catch on anything, while providing the security you need while out on the road.
    Enjoy the road safely this Bike Week, June 9-17, 2018!
    Published by My Identity Doctor on June 9, 2018


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