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    I have a friend on Facebook who lives with aphasia. What is interesting about this disorder affecting language, is that unlike a speech disorder—where a person may be able to write fine—and a learning disability like dyslexia or dysgraphia—where a person can speak well but have difficulty communicating in writing, aphasia affects both verbal and written communication, as well as understanding of what is being communicated to them [1] However, aphasia is different for every person, and they may have difficulties in one or many of these areas, and the difficulties can be mild to severe. [1]
    What causes aphasia?
    Unlike many speech or communication disorders that may be diagnosed in early childhood, often from neurodevelopmental disorders or caused by other disabilities (cerebral palsy, for i
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    [Content/Trigger warnings: suicide, cancer, death]
    Men are generally less likely to discuss their health than women, which can have serious consequences in the long-term. Ignoring symptoms can allow potentially correctable problems to become serious, or to allow potentially serious problems to become life-threatening or fatal.
    For Men’s Health Week, leading up into Fathers Day, here are some fast facts on men’s health:
    • Men can get breast cancer: Men indeed have breast tissue [1.1], and while it’s 70 to 100 times less likely for a man to get breast cancer than a woman, it happens. According to the American Cancer Society, men have a lifetime risk of about 1 in 833 of developing male breast cancer. [1.2]
    • Men are more likely to die by suicide: Gl