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    Medical ID is meant to be serious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with our products once in awhile! 

    medical id bracelet with purple emblem reading delete my browser history

    Your online data is important—with recent discussions around privacy and Facebook coming to the forefront, your most important wish if something were to happen to you might just be for someone you trust to delete your browser history! After all, do you really want people to know how much time you invested in Netflix, watching cat videos, or searching GIFs? 

    The reason

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    Back in January, I was cutting the bottom out of a shoebox when instead of cutting the , and got my mom to fish it out. Then an hour and a half later after no real reprieve from the bleeding and gauze I was replacing every 10 minutes, I gave in and went to the hospital.Three stitches later in the emergency department, it was only a few days later that we had a real first aid kit in the house.


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