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    [caption id="attachment_4657" align="alignleft" width="300"] Image from Clipart-Library[/caption] For all parents, Back to School season can be a chaotic time of year. Buying new supplies, finding new classrooms, and sometimes, even starting new schools can cause a lot of business, and even in some situations stress. However, for parents of kids with medical conditions, disabilities, or special needs, your Back to School preparations may also include lining up tutors, doctors appointments, speech therapy appointments, refilling extra medications to be kept with the school nurse, and more.
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    Epilepsy affects 470,000 children in the United States. [1] Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome accounts for 1-4% of epilepsy (seizure disorder) occurring in children, and is described as “a devastating pediatric epilepsy syndrome”. [2, 3] Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) is a particularly severe type of epilepsy, in which multiple types of seizures frequently, and may also experience cognitive or developmental delay and intellectual disability. [4] Sometimes, LGS is caused by an underlying condition, others it has no known cause. [ Read More


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