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    Parkinson's disease is nervous system disorder that affects your ability to move [1]. While it is most often a disorder that affects older people—the average age of onset is age 60—some people will be diagnosed at age 40 or younger. [2] While people often know the basics of Parkinson’s Disease, I have learned a lot over the past couple of years from my friend Jasmine, a woman in her 20s with Juvenile Onset Parkinson's Disease that onset during her teenage years—more on her in a bit!
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    Yesterday began National Public Health Week. While public health sounds pretty straightforward—public! people around us! health! not being sick!—is public health as simple as what it sounds like? What is the purpose of National Public Health Week? And how do we do better at ensuring we stay healthy and keep our communities the same way?
    What is Public Health?
    In searching for public heath on Google, I primarily encountered governmental agencies responsible for public health. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) stated the activi


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