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    Recently, a doctor-friend sent me an article to read about Sarcoidosis—I read it but it was quite complicated. When I discovered April 30th was National Sarcoidosis Day, though, it seemed like I should take another look at understanding a bit more about what Sarcoidosis is.
    And it’s still a bit complicated!
    What is Sarcoidosis?
    Sarcoidosis is a condition that affects the lungs and lymph nodes most commonly, but can also impact the heart, skin, eyes, and other organs. Scientists don’t know exactly what causes Sarcoidosis, but it could be due to an immune reaction to a substance such as chemic
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     Note: While I have no objections to the use of the term “autistic” by those in the autism community, specifically Autistic Self Advocates, I will use person-first language in this post. I believe this is an individual choice and until instructed by a person with autism to refer to them as autistic, I continue to use person first language—where the situation warrants autism be mentioned at all!
    On a weekly basis, I usually interact with between 6 and 10 families that include a child with autism. I am a respite worker and have been working with the same family four years now, experiencing the development of their so


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