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  • Cataract Awareness Month
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    Cataract Awareness

    June is marked as the National Cataract Awareness Month when innumerable initiatives are taken across the country to make people more aware of cataracts and the myriad adverse consequences that one has to face eventually due to cataracts.

    Cataract is the leading cause of blindness, partial or complete visual loss among Americans aged sixty five and above. While cataract is curable, many American senior citizens simply choose to live with it without opting for diagnosis or treatments. Timely intervention can not only prevent cataracts but if they have already formed, then they can be successfully treated as well.

    What Are Cataracts?

    Cataracts are a protein build up that accumulate on the lens in the eyes. It can happen in only one eye or both the eyes at the same time. Cataracts take a substantial period of time to develop fully and when considerably formed, one would experience partial to complete loss of vision. The loss of vision starts out as cloudy vision, blurriness and eventually the vision gets blocked due to the protein build up on the lens.

    People with cataracts would experience blurred vision, halos around headlights when it is dark around, double vision and colors would appear to be faded. One would struggle to recognize people’s faces, reading would be difficult and would eventually become impossible and one would also have difficulty in balancing one’s posture as the cataracts get worse. However, if only one eye is affected by cataract then the other eye can still function normally.

    Treatments For Cataracts

    This Cataract Awareness Month, you should get diagnosed for cataracts and you can choose from a plethora of options. There are drops, medications and you can also opt for surgery which is a very simple short procedure that can do away with your cataracts instantly and completely.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on June 12, 2014


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