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  • Brain Tumour Awareness Month
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    Brain Tumour Awareness

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    Because of the threats that cancer can prove to each and every one of us, regardless of how we live our lives, there are many community-based drives to help raise awareness & funding to beat this horrible illness. Cancer stats are very scary to read, and unfortunately brain tumors are equally as scary to read about. Brain tumors are one of the most dangerous forms of cancer, and can be fatal if it is not found quickly and dealt with in the right manner. Brain tumors can be active without you ever knowing until it is too late – this is why vigilance is required at all times!

    While this can put off a lot of people, actually getting involved with awareness campaigns can be incredibly uplifting to help out in something so positive, and help others make a difference in one of modern medicines hardest fights.

    Brain tumor awareness month takes place in October in Canada, and uses a gray ribbon as its symbol. Across the globe many different activities take place, usually created by grassroot sources who were willing to put in the hard work and organize something truly exciting for everyone to get involved in.

    Brain Tumour Awareness Month

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    Anybody can raise awareness for brain tumor awareness month. This gets people talking about one of the most serious forms of cancer, and can help bring in donations and get attendees to your fundraisers and events to help out!

    You don’t even need to get out of the house anymore to set up a quality fundraiser – charity events held online to purely social media awareness campaigns can be massively fruitful and don’t require the large amounts of funding and manpower that campaigns like this once needed.

    You regularly see little campaign awareness gifts around about this time of year, with brain tumor awareness ribbons, bracelets & even medical IDs becoming more common to help raise awareness. This simple little addition to your clothing or your everyday fashion can help make somebody else donate or get involved in the campaign.

    How To Get Involved

    If you want to help out in May to raise awareness about the seriousness of brain cancer, then anything from custom t-shirts to large community fundraisers with live music and events can be the way to go. The choice is entirely with the organizers – that’s what so great about these events! There’s no real script to follow, and you see many different ideas every single year.

    Be involved in a really gratifying campaign that is truly helping to make a difference to people’s lives, offering support for research and even people to receive treatment.

    These campaigns are simple to get involved or to start yourself – simply jump online and start searching around for local community based events, our check out various cancer support charities to see what initiatives they are taking and how you can get involved.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on October 3, 2014


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