That time of year again: Back to school medical ID

Posted on August 6, 2019 by kerri

For all parents, Back to School season can be a chaotic time of year. Buying new supplies, finding new classrooms, and sometimes, even starting new schools can cause a lot of business, and even in some situations stress. However, for parents of kids with medical conditions, disabilities, or special needs, your Back to School preparations may also include lining up tutors, doctors appointments, speech therapy appointments, refilling extra medications to be kept with the school nurse, and more.

Is your child’s medical ID up to date?
While it’s extremely important to talk to teachers, the principal, the school nurse, and other school staff who will be in contact with your child, you should also ensure your child’s medical ID bracelet is up to date.
  • Is it accurate? Check the information. Is your child’s medical ID information correct? Do they have new diagnoses, medical updates, or changes in in case of emergency phone numbers to be corrected? My Identity Doctor offers discounted replacement ID plates for past customers, so this may be an important consideration! Contact us to learn more.
  • Is it legible? Is your child’s medical ID bracelet too scratched up to be able to be read? Does it make you have to squint with tiny print and light etched engraving? My Identity Doctor uses bold, black engraving that holds up to daily wear and tear and is easier to read in different conditions (such as bright sunlight, lower-light, or when wet).
  • Does it fit? Perhaps most importantly with kids is that they haven’t outgrown their bracelet. Jon always includes a few extra links with your order in case of measuring errors, but they can help with growing kids, too! If your kid has grown but the information is still accurate, you can order replacement bracelet strands from us, too.
  • Are they wearing it? Kind of like how the best camera is the one you have with you, the best medical ID is the kind that gets worn. For kids, they my not like feeling different because they need to wear a medical bracelet or necklace. Having them choose from one of our many styles can help them want to wear it. In addition, having options to switch it up (such as a bracelet vs. necklace vs. sports band) can help them feel like they have a choice—even if they don’t get a choice about actually wearing their medical ID jewelry.
    Plus, a backup ID is always good for everyone, just in case!
If your child carries medication
If your child carries medication at school, it is important it can be found quickly if they need it. Our medical ID keychains can be attached to epipen, inhaler or insulin pump pouches or diabetes supply bags. For kids with diabetes, these can be engraved to note that—for instance—their low blood glucose treatment supplies are for medical use… and are not in fact your child’s lunch!
Find the right fit for your child
If your kiddo is involved in choosing their own medical ID bracelet or necklace, they will be much happier wearing it! In fact, we recently got a great review from a parent on our Etsy page about how her kiddo loves her new sports bracelet—with bands in pink, green and red! The best way to accomplish this? Check out our website with your kid at your side!

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