Summer fun ahead: Get your Medical ID ready!

Posted on March 29, 2018 by kerri
Yes, it’s only March, but it’s not too early to make sure you’re ready for summer fun! In just a few—hopefully short!—months, summer will be upon us. If you have kids, you know that summer, and the pre-summer planning season, can be hectic as you ensure your kiddo has a place to go if you have to go to work, and how those weeks of camps, daycare, and at the grandparents, align with your summer holiday time off.
So, here it is, your reminder before that rush happens: get your medical ID sorted out in advance!
Is your or your kid’s current medical ID bracelet old, worn, unreadable? Is it—almost worse yet—neglected in a drawer somewhere that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2014? Is the information on the bracelet current—did your emergency contact’s cell phone number change, did Grandma Jane stop driving and is maybe not the best secondary emergency contact, or have medications or diagnoses changed since your bracelet was made?
If you answered yes to any of these—or came up with your own questions about your engraving!—it’s a good idea to get medical ID updated before summer fun starts!
For kids, this is especially important, as over the course of summer fun, especially overnight camp or day camp with new people, with adventure in new places, medical conditions or food allergies can be even more tricky to navigate, and can cause you as a parent more stress having them in the care of people you’ve only spoken with for mere minutes.
At My Identity Doctor, we’re well equipped for summer fun. Our bracelets can handle what active kids and adults alike throw at them. They’re waterproof—and thus mud proof and sand proof—and engraved in clear, bold black lettering so that, sun or shade, they’re easy to read when needed. They’re fashionable and fun, or classic and simple, whatever you choose, but also make themselves apparent that they are a medical ID bracelet or necklace, to ensure that they don’t get missed in an emergency. My Identity Doc products also come with a guarantee on the engraving (so long as you don’t purposely try to scratch it off with a hammer or something! But seriously, who does that?)
Our bracelets are lightweight and low-profile, we have special small tags for smaller kids wrists (complete bracelet), and we even have sport band styles for the adventurous sorts. If you’re traveling, we can engrave in multiple languages as well! Are you thinking of something we’ve missed? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail!
Be prepared for summer fun with a new medical ID bracelet—whether you need an update or are just looking for something different! Check out our bracelets here. If you’re updating a My Identity Doctor bracelet, make sure to contact us about our bracelet update program to save 40-60%—and stay safer!

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