Partnering with Camps to Keep Kids Safe with Medical ID Jewelry

Posted on April 3, 2017 by kerri
If you run a summer camp, or are sending your child to camp, you may have concerns about staff being aware of medical conditions of campers in their care. Over the course of a camp day, kids will encounter not only their own cabin counsellor, but also cooks and kitchen staff, activities staff—ranging from arts and crafts, archery, the waterfront, sports, paintball, horseback riding, farm staff, BMX bike leaders… and many, many more. For both parents sending kids away to camp, and camp directors, the safety of campers with special medical needs is probably at the front of your mind—camp directors, you have trained the staff and ensured that they know which kids have medical conditions; parents, you have helped train the camp and spoken with the camp nurse and camp director.
But there’s a lot on everyone’s minds on a busy day at camp, and kids with medical conditions are kids first! This is why medical ID jewelry is so important at camp: so kids can be kids, and counsellors can focus on ensure kids have fun, while having subtle reminders (shiny stainless steel or aluminum on a kids wrist or hanging near their collar!) that there are kids in their care with special medical needs. Medical ID keeps kids safe not only when they may need medical attention, but also to ensure that their medical needs are kept in mind by those around them—so that arts and crafts counsellors don’t use a food item that kids are allergic to in a craft, so that BMX and riding instructors throw some juice boxes for a kid with diabetes into their pack before heading out on the trail. The purpose of medical ID at camp is not just in case of an emergency—it can be to prevent them, too!
If you own a summer camp or childcare centre, we have some great group options that can be customized to your needs and budget. Here are some ideas to get you started, but contact us for something different:
  • Thick cardstock ID tags – Use for identification of children in a large group in public – adding the child’s first name, any medical concerns, and how to contact daycare or day camp staff if child is found lost.
  • Pre-engraved key chains or ID tags – For camps, bulk orders can be made on these items to receive a discount:
    • Type 1 Diabetes bracelet – Great for kids diabetes camps or awareness/charity walks
    • Asthma bracelet or keychain for asthma camps or education seminars
    • Nut allergy bracelet, or other common severe allergy.
    • A combonation of ID tag types. Over the course of a summer, a camp may need to identify a number of children with different medical concerns. We can make custom packages of pre-engraved ID bracelets or keychains (which can be attached to belt loops) specific to your needs – for example, 10 nut allergy bracelets 10 asthma bracelets, and 10 type 1 diabetes bracelets.
All bulk orders of bracelets or keychains come at a discount, and we can send additional materials like ID cards and further information about our products in case parents want to get their child a customized medical ID following camp.
Are you interested in our camp medical ID partnership program? Contact us at info [at]!

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