Is a Heart Defect a Reason to Get Medical ID?

Posted on February 13, 2017 by Gerry

How often does a doctor say that a person is fixed or as good as new after some major surgery? When it comes to your heart, do you think it may be beneficial to have some kind of medical ID, even if your heart is functioning well. Yes having medical ID is important as it can can save your life, being able to speak when you are unable.

Holy cow! Read this carefully, it is very important that it be understood: A heart defect can not be fixed. The word “fixed” implies that it is good as new. It isn’t. A heart can be repaired through surgery, which means that it can be made to function – perhaps not in the normal manner, but it is functional.

It is hard to believe that there are still doctors who tell Heart Parents that their kids are “good as new!” They used to tell them that, back when I was growing up – because they didn’t know any  better. There weren’t that many Cardiac Kids–those with congenital heart defects–around, so no one really had any idea what the future  held for these children. But this child had been born with a critical health problem, had survived  a delicate surgery, and would get better. He or she might not have as long or as full a life as the other kids, but we had won this battle. Now go, get out there and enjoy your life! And for years  that was the common practice, because kids with heart problems didn’t live as long as other  children.

But then something totally unexpected happened, Cardiac Kids grew up! As they grew, they had more heart problems – some of them related to our original defect, and some of them new. Doctors had new tools they could use to help them out, either a new drug or a better surgery. They could do a lot more with catheterizations, too. And while they were proving that we could grow up, doctors were discovering that those heart problems were still popping up, sometimes years after they had been “fixed.” And their thinking started to change.

Today, most Cardiologists will tell you that your child’s heart has been repaired – and he or she will always need specialized cardiac care. Their heart is misshapen, blood vessels run the wrong way, it has holes where there shouldn’t be any, and has been altered by surgery. Even after they grow up, Heart Children will always have to make allowances, take medication, go see their Cardiologist, and stay on top of their health. And they will have to do this forever – because even though their heart is functional, it isn’t normal. No it isn’t fair, but this is the way it is.

And if your Cardiologist is telling you your child is “fixed”, you seriously need to consider finding another Cardiologist. Because this one is living in the past.

And Cardiac Kids live their lives right on the cutting edge of medical science. They always have, and they always will.

So since there will always be issues with the heart, even though it functions like it should, a form of medical ID will be beneficial. So visit My Identity Doctor and pick out some medical for yourself or for a loved one.

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