Healthy Aging Month: Ten tips to stay young!

Posted on September 25, 2015 by admin

It is happening to all of us. There is nothing we can do about it it. We are all getting older, and for many of us our body and minds show it. Is there anything we can do improve our later years, even making them as good as our younger years. If that is the case, is the saying “you are only as old as you feel” true? Here are some tips that can help to improve our lives in our later years.

1. Do not act your age. What was your best year, 25, 35, or 40. Whatever it was, picture yourself at that age. At first you may feel you are in denial of growing old, but it is just thinking positive about yourself. This will go along way towards feeling good about yourself.

2. Be positive in both conversations and actions every day. Stop complaining about things that you can’t do much about. Change your conversation to a more positive topic.

3. Do you have negative friends who complain about everything? This may sound cruel, but drop them. The benefit of distancing yourself from such negative individuals is they will not be able to depress you and hold you back from doing what you want. Surrounding yourself with happy energetic people of various ages and backgrounds will make you happier.

4. Walk like a vibrant healthy person with a spring in your step. Analyze your gate. Are you walking slowly just because you have just gotten lazy, or is there a fear of tripping or falling? Get yourself some comfortable shoes and try to make a conscious effort to hold your head high and take big strides.

5. Stand up straight, just like your mother always told you! Good posture can take off years and make you feel good. Stand in front of a mirror with your chin up, shoulders back and your stomach in. Practice this everyday and it will become natural. You will look good and feel great. It will also look like you have lost a few pounds.

6. The more you smile the happier you are. So how is your smile? Are your teeth showing your age, more yellow than white? Your smile is often the first thing people see, so take care of your teeth. Oral health also benefits your overall health. Take time to visit your dentist, even looking into teeth whitening.

7. For many growing old can also lead to lonliness. Do nnot just sit there and complain about being lonely, do something about it. Here are some optionsyou can look at. Volunteer your time, take a class, invite someone to lunch, brunch, dinner, or coffee. Volunteer with younger people to keep up with trends. A class that you may look into is something to keep you in touch with technology. And invite someone else different each to share a meal.

8. Take a walk and meet your neighbors. This works even better if you have a dog that you can walk. Often a dog can be a great conversation starter. If you are not able to have a dog, then volunteering to walk dogs at a local shelter can bring a lot of joy as well.

9. Make September the month you schedule your annual checkups and screenings. This way you will remember to get them taken care of so you can enjoy the rest of the year. Regular visits will also hopefully keep you healthy so you have nothing to worry about.

10. Why not discover your inner artist. Learn an instrument, try painting, or take up woodworking. You may have an artist lurking inside you waiting to be tapped. Classes and lessons are not just for the young These are just some ideas on how we can continue to grow older and not feel older. Even though we may do our best to remain healthy, we may also have to deal with some ailment. If this is the case why not look into a medical bracelet or necklace.

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