The Guide to Fun My Identity Doc Styles for Kids (and Adults!)

Posted on July 26, 2016 by admin

Did you know that we currently have 95 styles of kids medical alert bracelets? (And, there could be even more by the time you read this!) If you have a medical ID bracelet or necklace, you should wear it at all times. This is especially true for kids—if you’re sending them out of the house (and let’s face it, we want kids out of the house!) they should be going with their medical needs properly identified.
We get it: being stuck wearing medical jewelry all the time isn’t that much fun. However, we know that having options are fun, and getting to choose a new bracelet that is cooler than your last one can be a great way to get kids involved and complain less and understand more about the importance of wearing medical alert jewelry.
Image features stainless steel silver tone medical tags with emblems offset to the right. Emblems available in yellow, white, red, purple, lime green, light blue, and pink--black not pictured.
Our tags are custom engraved for you, and available in a variety of colors–black not pictured.
Here are some of the products I love, to get you started on finding the perfect medical ID product for a kid or fun-loving adult!
Let’s start with COLORS.
On the left side of our kids medical products page, you’ll find a dropdown to help you find just what you’re looking for. The last box (which I’m not sure why it’s last! :)) is color—we offer emblems on certain products in red, white, lime green, light blue, blue (like royal blue), (forest) green, yellow, pink, purple, and black. Not every style, like our sports bands, are available in every colour, but our nylon band products have enough options in themselves!
These are our canvas bands, a pretty new addition to our collection that I really like! Our nylon bands are currently available in 12 colours/styles to suit every style! Available in a colour or pattern that is sure to fit every personality, they’re lightweight, fun, and a great choice for going back to school.
We also have a few new coloured variations of stainless steel—I wrote last month about the new gold products, but another personal favorite is our sleek black ID tags! These are available with a red or white symbol!
We also have an assortment of chain options, including curb chain and o-link, as well as bracelet strands that mimic the the creativity of a beaded bracelet, with the durability of steel!
Tag Size
Next up, tag size. Have a small kid, small wrist, or not a lot to engrave? Consider our Mini Basic tags, available in Light Blue, Pink and Red. These smaller tags are available on our chain bracelets only—but, you can always chat with Jon about your special requests to mix it up!
Tag Style
Whether you’re looking for a replacement tag or just to sort through the many options that we have, check out our variety of medical tags, bracelet an necklace charms, and colours available. We have bag tags and keychains, too!
Wait, did I mention necklaces?
We have necklaces, too! From dog tag style necklaces, to heart-shaped charms, to shiny steel pendants, that are sure to suit any need if you don’t like having jewelry around your wrists, or are unable to due playing certain sports, or work. A unique option, is the red, blue, and green dog tags available, similar to our coloured kids bracelets!
So, while i’ve given you the tools to get started, the options are abundant here at My Identity Doctor.

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