Give Laughs This Holiday Season by Gifting This Bracelet

Posted on December 6, 2014 by admin

Delete My Browser History BraceletPicture this. You just choked on the wishbone from your holiday turkey. 911 is dialed and the EMT’s come screaming down your driveway, sirens blaring. It’s obvious you won’t last long with that wishbone in your throat and they rapidly prep you for the hymleck maneuver. Suddenly, your emergency team uncovers your medical alert bracelet. To their surprise (and chagrin) the bracelet does not warn them of allergies, diabetes or other valuable ways to save your life. Instead, your emergency action reads “Delete My Browser History” Immediately, they know. You’re a geek.

OK so this probably wouldn’t be a good thing in a real emergency. It does however make a hysterical gag gift for the Christmas season. This geeky gadget comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect stocking stuffer or white elephant office gift. Give a gift that will really get your co-workers laughing. A medical I.D. bracelet with a twist. If you have a computer crazed teenager, a cross-eyed librarian or a conspiracy theorist on your holiday list, this gag gift is for them. ( I mean, who knows what they’ve been looking at!)

In most cases a medical bracelet is a serious thing. This holiday it’s time to lighten the load. Let medical bracelets say something humorous for a change. When your wrist asks people to “delete your browser history” you are bound to bring smiles to the masses. This is a perfect gag gift for anyone in the medical field or for your hypochondriac cousin.

 Delete My Browser History bracelets

Why try to find a multitude of so so gifts when you can give the gift of laughter? Pick up 2 or 10 of these Delete My Browser History Bracelets, tie a bow on them and call it good. Stuff them in stockings, hang them from mistletoe, or wrap them around a smartphone. Your gadget obsessed friends will thank you and then they will rush out and clear their cache!

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