Disability (ADA) Awareness Day

Posted on July 16, 2014 by admin
disability awareness day

disability awareness dayDisability awareness is a public education on disabilities, the right way to relate with disables and how best to interact with them. Gone are the days when the disables are looked down upon. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) has changed the perception of the public on disabilities.

ADA is a federal law that establishes disables’ right to equal access and opportunities in terms of employment, transport, public services and telecommunications. It is no gain saying that ADA has made life easier for people that are living with disabilities and being disabled do not pose threat any longer, like it was before. ADA has made discrimination of people with disabilities unlawful.

Disabilities Awareness Day is set up to enlighten the public on disabilities. It is a day set aside to educate the populace on the right way to relate with the disables and how best to interact with them. Disabilities Awareness inculcates the fact that the disables are no less human and they are part and parcel of the society. It also promotes some of the remote causes of some of the disabilities around us. Disability Awareness sensitizes people about the fact that disabilities are situations many people are least prepared for.

Disabilities Awareness Day for this year comes up on July 16. Marking the day in a grand style is a way to show your support for people with disabilities. The best you can do is to identify with them. You can purchase medical awareness product to show your support for people living with disabilities.

Not only that, there are items that can be sent to your loved ones just to show your love for them and how much you care. Disables need love to cope with their conditions and you can show them you care for them in a unique way on July 16. It will make a good impression that may last them for a lifetime.

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