Five facts about Dementia

Posted on October 14, 2013 by admin

As we all might know, Dementia reduces the capacity to learn, sense, and memorize past. It may also cause loss of patterns of thoughts, feelings and activities. The most common forms of dementia are: Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, semantic dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies. Here are few facts one should know about … Continue reading “Five facts about Dementia”

Emergency Nurse Week or ER Nurse – Oct 6th – 12th

Posted on October 5, 2013 by admin

October 6th to 12th, 2013 is Emergency Nurses’ Week (also known as ER Nurse week)! During the last five months, I have had many unfortunate introductions to a couple of my local emergency rooms. Emergency nurses? They’re the backbone, and they keep the most chaotic part of the hospital moving, while dealing with an incredibly … Continue reading “Emergency Nurse Week or ER Nurse – Oct 6th – 12th”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2013

Posted on September 29, 2013 by admin

For several years, I was a big time supporter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation—when October rolls around, it is hard to avoid the color PINK as it spreads across the continent. And, I’m a girl who likes her pink—and like nearly everybody, has a personal connection to breast cancer: my grandmother—who died from metastasized … Continue reading “Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2013”

Leukemia Awareness Month

Posted on September 14, 2013 by admin

As Burton investigated, September is a busy month for awareness! September is Leukemia Awareness Month. I am unsure if this is a unique sentiment to myself, but I often perceive leukemia [and probably other forms of blood cancer, I’m at this point simply the most familiar with leukemia] as slightly different from other cancers. Instead … Continue reading “Leukemia Awareness Month”

Cholesterol Education Month

Posted on September 10, 2013 by admin

First—did you know that Cholesterol Education Month existed?! Because I definitely didn’t! Thank goodness Jon and Burton are excellent researchers (I guess this would make Burton an excellent sniffer? :]). We’ve all heard the word cholesterol floating around on TV and on the front covers of health magazines (or Woman’s World if that is your … Continue reading “Cholesterol Education Month”

Back to School for Kids with Epilepsy Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that can affect people of any age–including kids–and is diagnosed when an individual has two or more seizures that have no other determinable medical cause. The nervous system is responsible for controlling the “electricity” in our bodies that allows our nerves to control … Continue reading “Back to School for Kids with Epilepsy | MyIDentityDoctor”