This year’s theme for the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd is “Inclusion is for everybody” [1] What does inclusion mean in a community? Inclusion is the opposite of segregation. While historically children with disabilities have been educated in separate classrooms or sometimes schools, more and more schools are reaching … Continue reading “What is inclusion: International Day of Persons with Disabilities”

The International Day of Charity isn’t until September 5th, but it’s a good time to start planning what you might like to do to give back on this important day. Celebrating the International Day of Charity can be done in a variety of ways and start a positive ripple-effect for change in your community. Most … Continue reading “3 Ways to Give Back: International Day of Charity – September 5”

Fall brings with it a lot of things many of us welcome: cooler temperatures, a return to school and more normal routines (even for those of us without kids!), and often, back to Fall-start sports seasons, whether those are indoor sports like basketball or floor hockey, swimming lessons starting up again, or getting ready to … Continue reading “Back to sports? Make sure your sports medical ID is ready!”

Hearing Loss: Emergency Communication and Medical ID

Posted on July 25, 2018 by kerri

If you or your child live with hearing loss of any sort, have you determined how this will be communicated in an emergency? Medical ID jewelry is important to identify yourself if you are D/deaf or hard of hearing, and how first responders and medical personnel can best ensure communication.   Deaf, Hard of Hearing, … Continue reading “Hearing Loss: Emergency Communication and Medical ID”