Not only is Thanksgiving coming up in the United States, but November 24 is Family Health History Day. If you are getting together with your family this Thanksgiving, this can be a great time to learn some answers to those questions that you’ve encountered on medical forms in the past but maybe were uncertain of … Continue reading “Healthy Thanksgiving Traditions: Learning Family Health History, and Other Fun Things.”

It seems like summer just started, yet we’re already discussing going back to school in many parts of the United States! For parents of kids living with special medical needs, it can be both an exciting and anxiety-inducing time—ensuring care plans are in place, that school staff are trained on how to deal with a … Continue reading “A Safe Back to School Season for Kids with "Added Extras"!”

Life with Epilepsy: A Conversation with Caitie

Posted on March 31, 2016 by admin

We’re reaching the end of Epilepsy Awareness Month, but it’s never too late to learn more about a condition that affects 3 million, or 1 in 26 Americans [1]. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes seizures, and often, witnessing someone having a seizure is more stressful for a bystander than it is for the person who is … Continue reading “Life with Epilepsy: A Conversation with Caitie”