As discussed in our previous post for Indigenous Peoples Health Day, the health issues of Indigenous people worldwide are no different than those of non-indigenous communities, however, due to a variety of circumstances including finances, geography, cultural and historical influences, and influences of non-Indigenous populations, Indigenous peoples worldwide experience higher-than-typical rates of a variety of … Continue reading “Indigenous Peoples Health Day Part 2: Health Issues and Indigenous Communities”

Recently, I read the book Wonder, about a ten-year-old boy named August who goes to school for the first time after he has finally recovered from medical issues associated with a craniofacial anomaly that has been present since birth. As the film adaptation is coming out in the Fall, I believe, it’s a good time … Continue reading “Craniofacial Anomalies: What they are and why medical ID is important”

We hear all the time how important it is to stay hydrated—and if you’re anything like me, it’s a challenge (which, I’ll admit, I do not accomplish 97% of the time). However, if you have certain medical conditions, it’s even more important to drink enough fluids (especially water, but also other non-caffeinated beverages) to help … Continue reading “Why Staying Hydrated Can Help Manage Medical Conditions”

It’s that exciting time of year when kids start asking can I go tot camp? Most parents, of course, rejoice at the thought of some kid-free time in the summer! However, if your kid has a medical condition—food allergies, diabetes, asthma, or epilepsy, for example—it can be harder to figure out the right place to … Continue reading “Choosing a Summer Camp for Kids with Medical Conditions”

If you run a summer camp, or are sending your child to camp, you may have concerns about staff being aware of medical conditions of campers in their care. Over the course of a camp day, kids will encounter not only their own cabin counsellor, but also cooks and kitchen staff, activities staff—ranging from arts … Continue reading “Partnering with Camps to Keep Kids Safe with Medical ID Jewelry”

From bags at the liquor store, to public service announcements, there are many reminders why women who are pregnant should not consume alcohol during pregnancy. Among the consequences of consuming alcohol during pregnancy is your baby developing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). More commonly known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), we now know that FAS … Continue reading “The consequences mixing alcohol with pregnancy: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Month”

It seems like summer just started, yet we’re already discussing going back to school in many parts of the United States! For parents of kids living with special medical needs, it can be both an exciting and anxiety-inducing time—ensuring care plans are in place, that school staff are trained on how to deal with a … Continue reading “A Safe Back to School Season for Kids with "Added Extras"!”