We hear all the time how important it is to stay hydrated—and if you’re anything like me, it’s a challenge (which, I’ll admit, I do not accomplish 97% of the time). However, if you have certain medical conditions, it’s even more important to drink enough fluids (especially water, but also other non-caffeinated beverages) to help … Continue reading “Why Staying Hydrated Can Help Manage Medical Conditions”

It’s that exciting time of year when kids start asking can I go tot camp? Most parents, of course, rejoice at the thought of some kid-free time in the summer! However, if your kid has a medical condition—food allergies, diabetes, asthma, or epilepsy, for example—it can be harder to figure out the right place to … Continue reading “Choosing a Summer Camp for Kids with Medical Conditions”

If you run a summer camp, or are sending your child to camp, you may have concerns about staff being aware of medical conditions of campers in their care. Over the course of a camp day, kids will encounter not only their own cabin counsellor, but also cooks and kitchen staff, activities staff—ranging from arts … Continue reading “Partnering with Camps to Keep Kids Safe with Medical ID Jewelry”

National Nutrition Month and Chronic Diseases

Posted on March 2, 2017 by kerri

Good nutrition is important for everyone, but if you have certain chronic diseases, like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, or celiac disease, or food allergies, good nutrition can be even more important, and sometimes a greater challenge. March is National Nutrition Month, and today we’ll be taking a quick look at just some of the many conditions … Continue reading “National Nutrition Month and Chronic Diseases”

It’s Influenza Vaccine Week! While many of us—myself included—have our flu shots administered in October or November (or in some places, even earlier!), it’s not too late, as is proven by the fact that Flu Vaccine Week is December 1 to 7! While i’m lucky enough that my flu shot the last two years has … Continue reading “A pain in the arm can prevent the hassle and risk of the flu!”

  Not only is Thanksgiving coming up in the United States, but November 24 is Family Health History Day. If you are getting together with your family this Thanksgiving, this can be a great time to learn some answers to those questions that you’ve encountered on medical forms in the past but maybe were uncertain … Continue reading “Healthy Thanksgiving Traditions: Learning Family Health History, and Other Fun Things.”

I am lucky to have been somewhat enveloped into the awesomeness of the diabetes online community, despite not having diabetes myself. Diabetes is a complicated condition, and is sometimes hard for people to understand. Type 2 diabetes especially has a lot of misinformation surrounding it: as Kate shares, lifestyle may play a role, but there is … Continue reading “A Conversation with Kate: Life with Type 2 Diabetes on World Diabetes Day”