Burton’s Medical ID Bracelets for Outdoor Safety during summer

Posted on June 2, 2015 by admin
What do you know—I got back to my hotel room one night during my recent trip to Denver to find my laptop on the desk and some Burton-looking paw-prints on the chair! Seems Burton found his way out of being the medical jewelry production supervisor and came over to help as the blog pup! Good boy—Jon has him trained well!
Hi guys! Hi guys! I’m wagging my tail now because SUMMER IS COMING! Yup, am I ever excited to run around the yard more and drag Jon around for lots of walks and maybe even go to the BEACH! Maybe I can even catch a friendly person’s frisbee or go help them get it out of the water! I’m a helpful retriever, after all! But wherever I am in the summer having fun, I always keep these safety tips in mind!
First off, I don’t go anywhere without my collar! I guess our medical jewelry like our medical IDs and medical bracelets are kind of like collars for humans (except more stylish of course. You humans like being stylish and safe in case of a medical emergency, I just like someone to help me get home if I get lost because Jon is there and Jon has treats.)
All that playing is hard work, so I drink lots of water and take breaks inside or in the shade where it’s cool! If it’s really hot, sometimes I’ll run through someone’s sprinkler (sometimes I drag Jon with me, that’s even more fun!) to cool off. One time I saw a picture on Facebook of a golden retriever like me that said “Let me in, I need to go back out again!” Maybe Kerri can put that picture in here. (Check—here it is, Burton!)
Golden retriever staring into window. Text: Let me in, I need to go back out again.
Yup I run around outside and then I realize Jon hasn’t put my water outside so I stare at him till he lets me in where it’s cool and then I go back outside as soon as I’ve had a drink and cooled off! Then I repeat until Jon rolls his eyes at me and then do it a few more times! Look at how happy I am, so, my dear human friends, remember to take inside breaks or rest in the shade and drink water! Or eat Popsicles (I tried one of those once when it fell off the stick—it was very cold but all orange-y and delicious!). Stay hydrated!
Wear sunscreen if you don’t have fur like me, and sunglasses (dogs can wear sunglasses, too! I’d better go find myself some!). Remember to re-apply sunscreen after playing in the water! (Phew… good thing I have fur! I go in and out of the water like I go in and out of the house!).
Kerri will be sharing more tips for storing medication on hot summer days, but remember to keep your medications at the needed temperature if you’re outside—most should probably stay out of the sun and sometimes even keeping them in a cooler is a good idea! (Maybe with the Popsicles?!). Remember to wear a hat, too!
If you’re going outside by yourself or with kids to exercise or play, make sure another human knows where you are and when you’re coming back! Make sure kids have contact information on their medical ID, too—we have a lot of waterproof and kid-proof medical ID bracelets for your little humans, too—lots of great options for summer!
And, remember your four-legged friends (like me!)—keep us safe by ensuring that we’re not left in hot cars or outside, and that we have lots of water! Woof! Burton, signing out!

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