Arthritis Safety Tips for Seniors

Posted on May 21, 2014 by admin

Safety tips for seniors

Arthritis is something that affects millions of senior citizens all around the globe. Arthritis can make it difficult for senior citizens to get up, walk around, perform physical activities and live their life in a dignified way. We can, as a society however make the lives of those who have arthritis more manageable.! !

This month is National Arthritis Awareness Month so for the next 30 days keep in mind the kind of struggle that those with Arthritis go through each and everyday. When you see and older man or woman on the street having a hard time making it up a hill or perform a simple physical task, take the time to help that citizen and think about what you can do in the future to make the world a better place for them. ! !

If you have Arthritis there are some things you can do to ensure that you will not put yourself in a difficult position. Below you will find some key arthritis safety tips for seniors. ! !

  1. Exercise can not be emphasized enough. If you keep a steady and consistent exercise routine you are much more likely to curb the effects of Arthritis.
  2. Eating a well balanced, healthy diet is another incredibly important factor in curbing the effects of Arthritis. Make sure to eat your greens and get your proteins so you can feel as much mobility as possible.

  3. Correct shoes and appropriate cane is another invaluable piece of advice. If you have Arthritis and you are trying to ensure you feel great walking wherever you need, make sure to buy a pair of shoes that fits and a cane that is the appropriate height as well.! !
  4. Remove any furniture or decorative pieces that could pose a risk for falls

  5. Place a reflective marker on the first and last step to alert when the stairs are ending or beginning
  6. If there is a lock on the door, make sure you can access it from both sides in case of an emergency

  7. If there are doorway sills that are not flush with the floor, consider painting them a bright color or using reflective tape so they are more visible
  8. Always be careful with pets, especially small dogs and cats that can quietly sneak up behind you

  9. Consider having a arthritis medical bracelet and medical alert system. These are usually worn around the neck with a button that will call the paramedics in case of a fall or other emergency if there is not a phone within reach.

Remember as we are beginning National Arthritis Awareness Month, take the time to read and consider all arthritis safety tips for seniors when trying to curb the effects of Arthritis.

Arthritis Awareness Month

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