How you can help people living with allergies

Posted on April 25, 2019 by kerri

The last week of April, leading into May—allergy and asthma awareness month—is Allergy Awareness Week. Most of us are, at this point, aware of the difficulties and anxiety that exist surrounding managing food allergies and other potentially severe allergies, such as those to Latex. But what can we do to help people living with these … Continue reading “How you can help people living with allergies”

Yesterday began National Public Health Week. While public health sounds pretty straightforward—public! people around us! health! not being sick!—is public health as simple as what it sounds like? What is the purpose of National Public Health Week? And how do we do better at ensuring we stay healthy and keep our communities the same way? … Continue reading “Public health sounds straightforward… but what is it?”

 Note: While I have no objections to the use of the term “autistic” by those in the autism community, specifically Autistic Self Advocates, I will use person-first language in this post. I believe this is an individual choice and until instructed by a person with autism to refer to them as autistic, I continue to use … Continue reading “Stories from the Spectrum of Autism: World Autism Acceptance Day”