Demystifying Developmental Disabilities

Posted on January 22, 2018 by kerri

January is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. What is a developmental disability? Well, it’s a catch-all term for many diagnoses that affect a child’s behaviours, movement, learning, language, or other types of development [1]. Organizations or researchers may define what classifies as a developmental disability differently, or define the time to onset in a different timespan—for instance, … Continue reading “Demystifying Developmental Disabilities”

Last March at Stanford Medicine X ED, my friend Sara and I presented on the role of social support in chronic disease management. Social support is extremely important in living with a chronic disease, and not only do you have people who “get you”, they can also often offer little life hacks for living with … Continue reading “Helping You Help Others: Support Group Partnership Program”

With January being the time of resolutions (often for better health!), it’s also the time of year that people may have keeping the extra pounds off—or taking them off—at front of mind. For some people, this can be achieved with managing what you eat, and exercising regularly. For others, though, it can be more difficult, … Continue reading “Time to lose (more than) a few pounds? The reality of Weight Loss Surgery”

A Healthier 2018

Posted on January 2, 2018 by kerri

Many people start the new year with health goals—they plan to lose weight or exercise more or take better care of their diabetes, or do a better job remembering to take their blood pressure or cholesterol meds every day. In fact, 21.4% of New Years Resolutions are to “lose weight/eat healthier” and an additional 12.3% … Continue reading “A Healthier 2018”