In June, I posted about Vision Research Awareness Month—today, I’m kicking off August early on the blog. For Children’s Eye Health Month, which starts tomorrow, I’ve interviewed my friend Gerry, who is also among the goalball players I coach (he’s also the one who got me coaching and consequentially got me hooked)! Gerry has two … Continue reading “August is Children’s Eye Health Month: An interview with Gerry”

Disability Awareness Day

Posted on July 16, 2015 by admin

Today is Disability Awareness Day, or the official day of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that protects the rights of individuals with disabilities. While often disability is associated with the wheelchair graphic we are accustomed to, the term disability does not just encompass physical disabilities—disability can be divided down into the following categories: Physical disability – Physical … Continue reading “Disability Awareness Day”

Today I’m fortunate to have Elizabeth sharing her story with me—and now, all of our readers! Elizabeth lives with psoriatic arthritis—a form of arthritis, or swelling of the joints, that often affects people living with psoriasis, a skin condition [1]. Elizabeth provided me a lot of detail by e-mail, and given that her third sentence … Continue reading “Juvenile Arthritis: Elizabeth’s story – "Invisible doesn’t mean invalid"”