As I write this, I’m a day off of completing my sixth flight in five and a half weeks. I consider myself pretty seasoned at packing, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get teased by my athletes when I forgot to bring my hair brush to Toronto… and, I’m pretty sure I forgot it in … Continue reading “Traveling Packing List For People with Chronic Diseases — Don’t Forget a Backup Medical ID Bracelet!”

Part of the importance of clinical trials is to ensure the safety of a drug, not just how effective it is in treating symptoms. Before human trials begin, a lot of work is put into ensuring a drug is safe. If you have made the choice to participate in a clinical trial, you may have questions about how to … Continue reading “Stay Safe as a Clinical Trial Participant with Medical IDs”

With the summer heat often comes poorer air quality: humidity and heat essentially “trap” air pollutants into the air we breathe, not allowing them to rise up above the usually clear air entering our lungs. You may have heard of the ozone layer, which protects us from the sun’s rays high above the earth, but ozone … Continue reading “Custom Medical Bracelets & Protection Against Outdoor Air Quality”

The term “brain tumor” can actually mean more than a hundred different things—the National Brain Tumour Society [1] states that there are over 120 types of brain tumors, but that they can be broken down into four major categories, as outlined below: Sometimes, people have no symptoms when a tumor is discovered. However, the most common symptom is … Continue reading “Spread Awareness on this World Brain Tumour Day & Utilize Your Medical Bracelet”

What do you know—I got back to my hotel room one night during my recent trip to Denver to find my laptop on the desk and some Burton-looking paw-prints on the chair! Seems Burton found his way out of being the medical jewelry production supervisor and came over to help as the blog pup! Good boy—Jon has … Continue reading “Burton’s Medical ID Bracelets for Outdoor Safety during summer”