What Is Arthritis? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about arthritis – a disease that causes painful swelling of the joints. I bet every adult knows about arthritis, but kids? You’ll ask, isn’t this supposed to be an ‘adults only’ problem? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not. Kids can suffer from a type … Continue reading “Top 10 Pain Fighting Tips for Kids with Juvenile Arthritis”

World Hepatitis Day

Posted on July 25, 2014 by admin

Many women and men are diagnosed with a disease called Hepatitis every year. Until now, all of the sufferers and close family and friends of the sufferers have not had a voice, they were simply just brushed under the rug. Well, not anymore. Now, officially, there is a national day dedicated to them by the … Continue reading “World Hepatitis Day”

July is the month chosen to bring awareness to the plight of thousands of people in the United States, and millions around the world, suffering from cleft and craniofacial disfigurement. During July many national, state, regional, and local groups, as well as doctors, hospitals, and support groups are bonding together, and through this concentrated effort … Continue reading “National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month”