10 safety tips for a stylish prom

Posted on April 2, 2015 by admin

Prom is the most important social event from every high-school. All the students are waiting for this night even from the first days as freshmen. This is the night when they are in the center of attention, when they wear glamourous outfits and feel special, and when they say goodbye to their best years. Prom is a night when teenagers are having a lot of fun, and usually they are not thinking about the consequences. However, a successful prom should have certain safety rules for kids, some rules that will guarantee the overall success of prom night 2015 of every high school.10 safety tips for a stylish prom

Some of the best prom safety tips can be found in the following lines.

1. Mandatory presence of adults

A prom is a gathering of wild teenagers who want to feel as grown-ups, and thus, they cannot be let alone. This is the reason why several adults have to be present during the entire night, making sure that everything is alright.

2. Safe driving

There have been many discussions related to teen safety, and one of the most important one is the one that talks about never driving under the influence. This means that all students should stay away from driving a car after drinking alcohol.

3. Medical jewelry

This is not a trend, but a necessity. In this way those who have some medical problems can be easily spotted by doctors whenever it is necessary. Right now everyone has the possibility to buy stylish versions of these bracelets that can match their outfits.

4. Proper amount of food

Just as it is not recommendable to drink too much, it is also not good to eat too much during the prom. On the other hand, not eating at all is also not an option.

5. Unprotected sex

One of the teen safety tips is related to unprotected sex, mainly because many teenage pregnancies occur during this event. This is the reason why students should be aware about the necessity of using a condom.

6. No alcohol for teenagers

Teenagers should not drink alcohol during this event. However, if it happens to be alcohol at the prom, everyone should limit the consumption of alcohol.

7. No alcohol for adults

Even if adults are allowed to drink alcohol, they should stay away from it. In this way they can monitor the entire event without having the judgement disturbed by the alcohol.

8. No drugs

One of the most important prom safety tips is related to drugs, and thus, everyone should stay away from them, all the time and not only during the prom. They are harmful for the human body.

9. Drive safely

Even if they did not drink anything, teenagers should pay attention at the road while driving. After all, during the weekend nights there are many drunk drivers on the street.

10. No violence

During the prom students like to prove their supremacy, but this can be done in other ways.

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