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  • Bladder Cancer Awareness Day
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    Cancer probably represents one of the biggest medical struggles to date. This problem, in its several forms, varieties and degrees, affects millions of people all over the world. There are some forms of cancer, which can be battled and taken under control, thanks to the substantial progress that science and medicine are undergoing. Just think about the fact that technology, science, medical development and similar fields have experienced a bigger boost over the past 50 years than over the past thousand years (an example to make you understand the scale and proportions of this project – the time frame between “not having a computer” and “having a computer” was significantly larger than the gap between 56k modems and optic fiber internet connection).


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    Advancement goes on, and this includes ways to fight back illnesses such as cancer, but none of it is possible without the support and awareness of the whole community. This is what Bladder Cancer Awareness Day i.e. 17th July stands for, exposing this illness to the attention of a larger crowd, and allowing victims, medical professionals and doctors experienced in this field to network, get together and rely on mutual support, as well as on the support of anybody who’s sensible to the cause.

    Bladder Cancer is a form of tumor that affects the epithelial lining (although not exclusively) of the urinary bladder, in most cases in the shape of a transitional cell carcinoma. Statistics have led to estimate that this particular form of tumor affects well over 380.000 men and women on a global scale, imposing Bladder Cancer as one of the most significant cancer alerts. Bladder Cancer is curable in most cases (approximately 2/3 of the situations), if provided proper support and prompt medical caring. In severe cases, or in the instance of patients that are not diagnosed on time or simply fail (or can’t afford) to take proper care of the problem, the tumor might risk spreading itself, infiltrating the muscular wall of the bladder and therefore requiring more extreme surgery.

    Bladder Cancer Awareness Day stands on the side of those who fight this illness and those who are victims of it. This event does not only aim to point out the issue and direct widespread attention toward this illness, but it also strives to actively support and back the fight against this vile sickness. People can show their support by spreading the word and showcase their involvement through Bladder Cancer bracelets, showcasing their solidarity and encouragement.

    Purchasing (and wearing) Cancer bracelets are a really great way to help increase awareness on this medical alert as well as supporting the victims and researchers financially.

    The world wide web offers many resources, information, community support networks and other useful tools to patients coping with the issue or to anyone interested in supporting the struggle against bladder cancer, or simply, to anybody who wants to find out more about it. Websites such as (Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network) offer a comprehensive array of resources, including archives of firsthand accounts and solidarity groups. Spread the word and be a part of the progress in treating this illness and supporting its victims!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on July 17, 2013


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