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  • Black is the new… Black! Beyond silver medical ID
    Added by My Identity Doctor
    If black is your favorite color (because, c’mon, black is a color, for those of us whose wardrobes rotate around the “shade”!), you may be as pleased as I was just how many styles of medical ID from My Identity Doctor come in black! And, how could you go wrong? Black goes with everything, is sleek and elegant, dresses down to cool and casual, and in a bracelet, it’s a bit less expected!
    Heading to the dark side: Showcasing some of our black medical jewelry
    This plated stainless steel bracelet is made of the same tough stuff as our silver bracelets, but black! With a classic chain in black plated stainless steel, just like all of our bracelets, it can be worn in water with no risk!
    Also available with a red or white emblem, if you’re looking to dress up a bit, this chic bracelet has it all—great for everyday wear, a night out, and also a great gift idea!
    The back of these bracelets are silver, so they still feature our trademark bold black engraving for easy reading when it matters most!
    For something a little different, suitable for smaller wrists, check out our black leather medical ID bracelet with stainless steel ID plate. Both front and back are engraveable with your important medical information. This band has a watch-type closure for ease of wear and style.
    For more leather IDs, check them out here.
    If leather’s not your thing, but you want something with a bit more snug of a fit, check out this bracelet with fold over clasp and “Y-Links”. Stay safe from the beach to the boardroom with this silver steel band, black ID plate, and grey emblem. The back is silver, with black filled engraving for easy readability.
    You can see all of our medical ID styles that come in black, from classic to funky, by clicking here, or searching “black” in the search bar!” There are 40 styles or three pages to choose from, so be sure you check them all out! And whether you go classic silver, black or gold toned, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your emergency medical information is right where you need it.
    Which of our featured black medial ID bracelets are your favorite? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!
    Published by My Identity Doctor on January 19, 2018


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