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  • Best Ways to Ensure Your Child Keeps His Good Vision Throughout Life
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    child eyesightEnsuring good eyesight and eye health for your children starts as early as pregnancy. Making sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet will promote healthy eye development for your baby.

    Your child should continue to eat healthily as this is extremely important for their overall health but there are some specific foods which you can eat to maintain eye health as well: leafy green vegetables like kale or spinach can help to prevent cataracts; oily fish or those high in omega 3 will also help to reduce the risk of developing an eye disease so think salmon, mackerel and tuna; legumes or pulses contain high levels of zinc which protect the eyes from damage caused by overexposure to bright light.

    You must also protect the eyes physically as well. Sunglasses and hats in bright light are essential; sunglasses should have lenses coated with a UV protective layer. Make sure to always wear the appropriate protective eyewear for sports, science or DIY projects.

    There are a lot of common sense rules which children must follow to protect their eyes, for example never throwing dirt or sand and being careful with any toy or tool with a sharp point. Be aware of this when choosing toys for your child.

    Limit the amount of screen time your children have each day. We all know that sitting too close to the TV is a bit of a myth but the length of time in front of it can certainly have negative effects. Likewise with modern computer games and portable devices. The often flashing and fast moving images can be too much for young eyes which are still developing so that’s just another reason to encourage children to take a break from the screens.

    The final way to maintain eye health is of course to get regular check-ups from your eye doctor who can track any changes and make sure that the eyes are healthy and also that vision is not impaired in any way.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on August 28, 2014


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