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  • Be a “sweet” heart and gift a heart-shaped medical ID!
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    Still looking for that perfect Valentines Day gift? Well, if you get on it quick, you may still be able to wrap up one of our heart-shaped medical IDs along with that chocolate this Valentines Day! When I took a look at our catalogue, I was a bit surprised at just how many heart-shaped medical ID bracelets we have, that may be the perfect V-Day gift for your sweetie.

    I am actually getting overwhelmed by the choices as i try to organize this tour! Okay, let’s go.

    If you’re looking for a classic-with-a-twist, check out our “Heart Chain” medical ID bracelet! Symbol available in your choice of our many colours: black, purple, yellow, pink, red, white, or light blue, and several clasp types to choose from.

    If classic isn’t quite the thing you’re looking for, how about a chunky solid-heart bracelet strand (to pair with one of our medical ID plates)?

    Find the Stainless Steel Silver and Black Solid Hearts interchangeable bracelet here. If you’re looking for a filled gold heart that’s a bit smaller, the silver ovals and gold hearts strand might be your jam.

    Moving along…

    A personal favourite look of mine, the stunning black-and-silver heart link bracelet with a black tag is sleek and stylish. The back of this ID plate is silver to allow for our trademark bold, black engraving and easy readability.

    And if that’s a bit too dark for your style, we have options!

    How about our rose gold heart link medical ID bracelet? Like the black-and-silver version, this bracelet gives another two-tone option—which means, without a doubt, it goes with everything!

    This stainless steel bracelet (available in a variety of emblem colours) allows for the maximum amount of engraving on our bracelets. With shiny white stones inlayed to the bracelet’s stainless-steel strand (look closely!), it’s both durable and pretty! Find it here.

    Looking for a bit more colour? We can do that, too.

    Our Mixed Color Hearts Millefiori glass medical alert bracelet brings a pop of colour to your bracelet. With cute patterns in “puffy heart” shapes alternating with simple silver hearts, this bracelet may be the little bit of “different” that you’re looking for. All the colorful fun of a beaded bracelet, but waterproof and strong.

    Combine with a medical ID tag and you’re good to go.

    If a bracelet isn’t the style you’re looking for, how about a heart-shaped necklace?

    Available in red, pink and white emblems, the Steel Heart Medical Alert ID Necklace is a good choice to switch it up from a bracelet—or for those who don’t like things on their wrists!

    All of these medical ID jewelry pieces can be custom engraved to keep your sweetheart as safe as possible, even once Valentines Day is long over!

    Sweet! ♡

    Published by My Identity Doctor on February 1, 2018


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