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  • Arrhythmia – What? How?
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    HeartArrhythmia is the irregularity of the heart beat- sometimes it is too fast or too slow or too early or too irregular. Many arrhythmias are innocuous or harmless, but some of them can be severe and life threatening. The heart won’t be able to supply enough blood to the body during and arrhythmia. Lack of blood flow may even damage brain, heart and other organs.

    How to recognize it?

    Some patients may not show any symptoms at all. A doctor may see a sign of arrhythmia in regular checkup. Some patients may have life threatening arrhythmias, but have no symptoms, while other patients have symptoms, but may not have a serious problem.

    Symptoms of arrhythmias are as follows:

    • Concentration problems
    • Breathlessness
    • Unsteadiness
    • Fainting or weaken
    • Sudden Chest Pain
    • Palpitations
    • Fluttering in the chest
    • Shortness of breath

    Arrhythmia can be caused by following risk factors:

    • Heart Disease – People with heart problems such as those who have had a heart attack or previous heart surgery and cardiomyopathy, or heart valves that do not work properly are more likely to have arrhythmia.
    • Hyperthyroidism – People with thyroid gland problem are more likely to develop arrhythmia.
    • Obesity – Obesity is connected to a various number of health issues, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, diabetes type 2 and arrhythmia.
    • Drugs consumptions or intake of excessive coffee, regular alcohol consumptions.

    A healthy person will rarely undergo from lifelong arrhythmia unless that person has an external spark such as an electric shock or drug abuse. The electric impulses may not be able to pass through the heart properly; it will increase the possibility of arrhythmia.

    Reduction in blood supply or damaged heart tissue can change the structure of the heart, which can develop arrhythmia. Keep your heart healthy by following healthy lifestyle that includes quitting smoking, maintaining healthy weight, blood cholesterol and pressure at proper levels and controlling stress.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on January 7, 2014


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