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  • An Eye on Your Mind: Psychology Month
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    Psychologists, like other professionals, have a variety of specialties and interests, but their biggest goal is to help people function at their best! This can mean helping through counselling, devising strategies to help with mental illnesses, diagnosing learning disorders, or even coaching people with no diagnosed mental health issues to function at their best and deal with the stresses of life. In short, as the Canadian Psychological Association says, “Psychology is for everyone”! [1

    Psychologists not only work with clients to maximize their mental health, but also do research to learn more about how our brains function and respond to our world, advocate for better mental health care of people and communities, educate the public about mental health, mental illness, stress, physical health, and more. Nearly every field can benefit from skills taught by a psychologist, whether it is stress reduction or mental resilience, or more tailored skills such as sport psychology for all levels of competitive athletes to remain focused and alert while practicing and playing their sport. 

    Psychology is for everyone, because as Mark Freeman says, everybody has a brain. In order to use your brain most effectively, sometimes we need a bit of extra help—but sometimes we just want a bit of extra help, too! A psychologist can be an extra eye on your mind to ensure things are the best they can be.

    Depending on where you live, you may have access to a publicly available psychologist, or you may have to pay or use insurance benefits to see one. Do you research and consider the ways a psychologist may help you or someone you love. For kids in school, often psychology services are available through the school district they are a part of, and ability to pay should not affect their ability to receive a diagnosis that they need enabling their teachers and caregivers to use science-proven methods to enable them to perform at their best. Similarly, programs may exist to enable expedited access to psychologists for certain populations or those at risk, such as for older adults requiring consultations for dementias, like Alzheimer disease, problems associated with social isolation, depression or anxiety. As well, remember that people with many mental health conditions or on medications, especially those which affect memory or cause aggression or confusion, can benefit from medical ID jewelry.

    As well, if you live with chronic illness, psychologists can provide support in helping you learn to cope with your conditions—whether you’ve had a diagnosis a long time, or are adjusting to a new normal.

    Psychologists, unlike some life coaches, are certified and will have a Masters degree or higher to practice independently. They are professionals and have completed both academic study and practical skills training that is well supervised to ensure a high degree of competence. 

    Learn more about psychology for Psychology Month by visiting the experts online: 

    Published by My Identity Doctor on February 16, 2019


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