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  • American Diabetes Alert Day: The Wake-up Call for Diabetes Awareness
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    Diabeties Alert Day

    Did you know that diabetes is one of the top diseases in the world? Well, it can be hereditary as it can be passed from generation to generation in a family that has the history of this disease. But there are also some factors that can cause someone to have this. The changes brought by modernization in people’s lives, poor lifestyle and unhealthy foods are the main causes of this. You should be aware of these things. Bring back the awareness about this disease on American Diabetes Alert Day.

    Knowing Diabetes

    Before the American Diabetes Alert Day, it will be best for you to look back on some important information about this disease. Diabetes is a metabolic disease by which the certain individual has high blood sugar. It may be due to the unresponsiveness of cells towards insulin, inadequate production of insulin in one’s body or even both of these. This disease comes in two types, the Type 1 or early-onset diabetes and Type II diabetes.

    It is said that people who have this disease will experience polyphagia or being so hungry, polydipsia or being so thirsty and even urinate frequently or also called as polyuria. Don’t be down if you have found out that you are positive with it. You can still prevent or control this by having a healthy lifestyle. If you are having some obesity issues in life, it will be best if you will shed pounds of it for a longer life.

    The History behind this Alert Day

    American Diabetes Alert Day is, of course, intended to bring back people’s awareness most especially to diabetes. This awareness was observed each year every fourth Tuesday of the month of March. This day will act as day for a wake-up call for public for this disease. It also aims to encourage the people to take the test to find out if they are positive in developing this. During this day, the participants to this event will be asked questions about their family history, age, weight and others that will identity whether they are at risk or not.

    To make sure that your doctor will give you the right diagnosis, it will be best if you will have a medical ID. This will be in form of medical bracelet that will contains medical information about your past health conditions and treatment. Prevent yourself from developing diabetes. Be updated and aware of your health. Take part in the campaign this coming American Diabetes Alert Day.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on March 27, 2015


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