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  • All that glitters is gold… Or is it? Go for the GOLD with your next Medical ID from My Identity Doctor!
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    Today we’re taking a brief break in the health content you’ve come to expect from us at My Identity Doctor, to share some NEW items in our product selection! AND… they are GOLD… but, not quite!
    We know that you’ve come to expect easy-to-care-for and low maintenance medical ID products that are up for whatever challenges you throw at them. That’s why our products are made with 316L stainless steel Even our bracelet strands, which are just as fashionable as typical beaded medical ID bracelets, are constructed of high-quality steel to keep you safe but with a lot more strength… almost no matter what you put them through (…note: though they are tough, if you put our products through a saw or some other destructive machinery, that is probably the exception here!). Just like the main component of our “beaded bracelets”, our bracelet strands, and tags, the secret ingredient in our gold? It’s steel!
    A true classic, the Curb Chain Medical ID Bracelet with red emblem, is now available in gold too! All of our new gold products still come with the black, easy to read engraving you trust to keep you safe—the only thing that has changed is the color!
    Our new gold toned stainless steel products have all of the low-maintenance qualities you’ve come to love with our silver-toned traditional stainless steel products… in a brand new tone, for you to mix it up…
    (The new Octagon Medical ID Necklace in Gold-Toned Steel… And yes, I did count the sides to ensure I was right!)
    …or take a new look on an old favourite (well, it’s an old favourite of mine!), such as the Stainless Steel Silver and Rose Gold Hearts bracelet with a new Rose Gold plate!
    Or, if you like the heart bracelet, but a necklace is more your style… presenting the Medical Alert Heart Necklace in Gold Toned Steel, with white OR red emblems available! A new twist on a cute but classic medical ID necklace for women and girls.
    You may have heard the old adage, “All that glitters is gold…”
    Well… Not quite! But in this case, I think our gold-toned stainless steel is almost better than gold (and, it’ll save you money, too!). For that special person, who might have some special requirements in an emergency, our gold-toned stainless steel medical bracelets and identification necklaces makes a great gift that will stand the test of time!
    Published by My Identity Doctor on May 9, 2016


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