Why should I wear medical alert Identification

Medical Identification is very important in many ways.

They provide your information to medical professionals in times of emergency that you may not be able to speak. They also help care takers for children and seniors to alert of any allergies, medications, medical conditions and what to do. They can help avoid complications, unnecessary trips to the hospital, and save money. Not to mention keep you save and give you peace of mind.

Medical IDs will also help avoid complications. Complications can happen if a professional does not know what condition you have or medications you are taking. During an emergency, a professional may give a miss-diagnosis or miss-medicate you without the knowledge of your medical information.

Medical Identification Jewelry may also help avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital. If your Emergency ID notifies your care taker or professional what is needed or not needed this will avoid unneeded trips to the hospital.

Medical Identification can also help save you money by avoiding complications, miss-diagnosis, and unneeded trips to the hospital.

By listing your medical information, professionals will be informed of your condition, medication & allergies right away and that is very important in times of emergency.

Of course, hopefully your medical ID will never be needed. But if it does bellow is some instances were it will be very important to have one.

- In times were you may not be able to speak
- Emergency situations were you may not be conscious or may not be mentally clear on what is going on
- If you travel (this is very important as medical IDs are known globally and foreign hospitals will need to know your medical history)
- When you are alone or alone with children (kids should be taught about your medical ID and conditions they may need to tell a doctor or call 911 and relay the information on your Medical Alert ID)
- Care takers that will always need to be aware of your medications, allergies and conditions
- If you were to pass-out for any reason (especially if your more likely do to your medical condition and/or seizures)
- If an accident were to happen to you, whether it would be in your home or car
- If you are currently employed (it will be important for your coworkers to be aware that you have an ID just in case)
- If you work in a particular dangerous environment such as construction or other
- If your job requires you to drive around making deliveries or driving semi trucks
- If you have memory issues, or if your medication causes you to have memory or unclear thoughts

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