Safety Tips for Traveling with Children with Asthma

Safety Tips for Traveling with Children with Asthma

If you are a parent of children with asthma, then you know that you need to take the correct steps before planning that big family vacation. Your children with asthma shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a well-planned trip to somewhere else in the world. You’ll just need to make sure that you follow a few precautions to ensure that the children with asthma stay safe and stay out of harm’s way. If you intend on traveling with kids, and you have children with asthma, then you need to read this article.

Asthma is characterized as the blockage of the bronchial tubes due to inflammation. If your child has ever had trouble breathing, consult a doctor or a pediatrician in order to ensure that you have the correct diagnosis. Children with asthma can enjoy perfectly normal lives as long as the correct steps are taken.

Bring Extra Medication:
Baggage often gets lost, placed on the wrong flights, or misplaced. If you’re traveling with kids with asthma and place all of the emergency medication in your main luggage, then lost bags can become real medical emergencies. Make sure you bring extra inhalers with you in your carry-on luggage, and keep all of the correct medication in good supply in your standard luggage. You’re going to want to bring two or three times the normal amount of medication on your trip.

Avoid Triggers:
Most children with asthma usually have a specific trigger substance or set of circumstances. Make sure that you’re able to avoid these substances completely if you intend on traveling with kids. If you’re going to fly to your destination, make sure that the flight is free of allergens or any other potential triggers. The same principle applies to the hotel as well.

Keep It Under Control:
If your children with asthma have been having frequent attacks, then maybe you should reconsider having the trip at this time. If, on the other hand, your children have controlled their asthma very well and haven’t had attacks in some time, then it would be an ideal time to choose to travel.

Get in Touch:
Make sure that there are medical professionals that are capable of assisting you in the case of an emergency at your destination, and make sure that they speak the same language that you do. This way, you won’t waste time locating doctors for your children with asthma in case of an attack.

Medical ID Jewelry:
If you’re going to be traveling with kids, make sure that your children with asthma are all wearing a piece of medical ID jewelry. Medical ID jewelry is a small piece of metal that informs any medical personnel of your child’s condition. If they are found separate from you and are unable to speak, then paramedics may waste precious seconds trying to diagnose the problem. If your child is wearing medical ID jewelry, then they’ll know what’s going on right away.

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