Pre-Engraved Necklaces

Pre-Engraved Necklaces

At My Identity Doctor, we understand that you may not be able to wear a medical ID bracelet all of the time. Whether your work precludes you from wearing a bracelet or you are simply uncomfortable wearing medical jewelry on your wrist, you can wear one of our engraved medical necklaces around your neck for a discreet way to ensure your safety in an accident or other medical emergency.

Our engraved medical necklaces are made of high-quality stainless steel and can be comfortably and discreetly worn under any shirt. If you are rendered unable to communicate with paramedics or doctors, they can easily read the black engravings on your necklace to find out everything they need to know about your condition, whatever it may be.

We also offer a free medical ID wallet card with all of our engraved medical necklaces, as well, to further ensure your safety in an emergency situation. So order your medical ID necklace today.

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