Sizing Help


How to Size

1.) Use a soft cloth or piece of string & measuring tape. Wrap string or soft cloth around the smallest part of the wrist. than measure the length to get “wrist size”

2.) Two things to remember when purchasing the right size.

Are you purchasing the ID & Chain together? "Medical ID Bracelet"
Are you purchasing the Chain to be added to a current ID? "Strand Size"

• If you are purchasing ID & Chain (Medical ID Bracelet), simply measure your current wrist size. Depending upon which item you choose. We will size it for you properly according to the item chosen, and your wrist size. So please measure the smallest part of your wrist.

• If you are purchasing the Chain to be added to a current ID, simply measure your current bracelet size (with out ID) for your total "Strand Size"

3.) After you know your size browse our Medical IDs. You can either buy IDs with Bracelets "Medical ID Bracelet" or single strand bracelets "Strand Size".

TIP: It's typically easier to adjust down rather than up.

All Bracelets are custom sized by increments listed in my item specifics. It is common that some bracelets might be slightly off on measurements due to the conjunction of measurements of all materials used.

BEADED Bracelets are not recommended for children due to small parts to bracelet if broken.





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