Peanut Allergy Medical ID Bracelets

Peanut  Allergy Medical ID Bracelets

If you, your child, or someone else you love has a peanut allergy, it’s critical to wear a peanut allergy bracelet. Unlike some other allergies, peanut allergies can be so severe and come on so suddenly that immediate treatment is necessary. Simply eating something with trace amounts of peanut in it can cause the patient to go into anaphylactic shock, and they won’t be able to communicate their needs as their throat swells shut and their heart races.

With a peanut allergy bracelet from My Identity Doctor, you don’t have to worry about communicating what’s happening to paramedics or others attempting to help you. Your bracelet will say in clear, bold black engraved letters that you have a peanut allergy, and your medical caregivers won’t have to waste precious seconds trying to figure out what’s happened or how to help you. Instead, they can begin treating you immediately. Buy your peanut allergy bracelet today.

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Classic, Pre-engraved Peanut Allergy Bracelet, Curb Chain
Our Peanut Allergy medical bracelets have the best engraving possible.??? Doctors prefer our BLACK e..
USD $35.99
Ex Tax: $35.99
Peanut Allergy Bracelet, Pre-engraved, Classic 2, Curb Chain
Our Peanut Allergy medical alert bracelets, with the best engraving possible. Our BLACK engraved Pea..
USD $40.00
Ex Tax: $40.00
  • Red
Peanut Allergy ID Bracelet, Pre-engraved, Heart Chain, Classic 2
Our Peanut Allergy medical IDs, with the best engraving possible. Providing thee most preferred BLAC..
USD $42.99
Ex Tax: $42.99
  • Red
Pre-engraved, Peanut Allergy ID Bracelet, Curb Chain, Classic 2
Our custom Gluten Allergy medical bracelets, are designed for your life safety. Doctors prefer our B..
USD $34.99
Ex Tax: $34.99
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