MyIDDr Green Aluminum Medical ID Dog Tag
MyIDDr Green Aluminum Medical ID Dog Tag

MyIDDr Green Aluminum Medical ID Dog Tag

- Easy to Read Engraving For Your Safety (see photo)
- Highest Quality 316L Brushed Non-Allergenic Steel
- Medical ID Size: 2in x 1in (5.08cm x 2.85cm)
- Custom Engraving on Both Front & Back
- 2 Different Steel Chains to Choose From
- Medical ID Card Included

Custom engrave your dog tag now!
Guaranteed engraving in 24hrs 

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Model No.: PDA1C-N

Price: $16.99

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My-Identity-Doctor specializes in custom engraved medical alert jewelry. Providing thee most preferred engraving for HIGH visibility for all of our Medical ID Necklaces. Engraving is the most important part and we specifically make our engraving Highly Visible on all of our items. (please see photos).

--- Dog Tag Details ---
• Anodized Aluminum - BLACK engraving not available
• 2 Sides Available for Engraving
• Size: 2" x 1.125"

• 5 Lines Available on FRONT
• 7 Lines Available on BACK

--- Necklace Chain Details ---
* Hypoallergenic Steel Chain
* Choose between two different styles:
   - Stainless Steel Overhead 27” (69cm) without Lobster Claw Clasp (Large Size)
   - 316L Polished Steel 22” (56cm) with Lobster Claw Clasp (Standard Size)

Free Medical ID Card Included

Greetings! I hope your day is going well. I am the jewelry specialist, Mark. My cousin Jon is the owner and customer representative. And his dog, Burton, runs the quality control department. Just kidding. He runs the accounting department. Thanks for stopping by.

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