Medical Spelling

Index: Medical Conditions Medications Abbreviations
1.) Medical Conditions Adrenal Insufficiency Alzheimer's Angina APNEA Atrial Fibrillation Asthma Autism Breast Cancer Blood Clots Cancer CPAP/BiPAP/SLEEP Celiac Disease Congestive Heart Failure COPD Deep Vein Thrombosis Dementia Deaf DBL Diabetes Epilepsy Emphysema Fibromyalgia Gastric Bypass Glaucoma Heart Angina Heart Patient Hemophilia High Blood Pressure Hypertension Hypoglycemia Juvenile Diabetes Lap Band Lupus Lymphedema Mitral Valve Prolapse Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson's Prednisone Renal Failure Seizure Sleep Apnea Stroke Patient
2.) Medications (NOTE: ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK you have the right medication before and after you have it engraved and always keep your information on your ID up-to-date at all times) Accupril Altace Amaryl Atenolol Avapro Captopril Cefzil Cellcept Celebrex Coumadin Depakote Desmopressin Dexamethasone Diflucan Digoxin Dilaudid Diovan HCT Dyazide Effexor Enalapril Maleate Gemfibrozil Glipizide Glucophage Glucophage XL Glucophage XR Glucovance Glyburide Glucotrol Hydrochlorothiazide Hydrocodone Hyzaar Imuran Isosorbide Levoxyl Lipitor Lisinopril Metoprolol Metformin HCL Nortriptyline Plavix Prednisone Prilosec Prograf Sodium Pentothal Spironolactone Synthroid Trileptal Verapamil Zestoretic Zocor Zyprexa
3.) Abbreviations (NOTE: Always double check you are using the right abbreviation so there is no confusion. Bellow are only suggestions and not to be confused with professional advise) ASAP: = as soon as possible AC: = before eating ACLS: = advanced cardiac life support AODM: = adult onset diabetes mellitus ASHD: = atherosclerotic heart disease Bid: = twice a day BP: = blood pressure CA: = cancer DI: = diabetes insipidus DKA: = diabetic ketoacidosis DM: = diabetes mellitus ER: = emergency room HA: = headache HO: = history of HTN: = hypertension IDDM: = insulin dependent diabetes mellitus IRDM: = insulin resistant diabetes mellitus IV: = intravenous IM: = intramuscular ICE: = Incase of Emergency JODM: = juvenile onset diabetes mellitus OD: = right eye OS: = left eye OU: = both eyes LOC: = loss of consciousness or level of consciousness NIDDM: = non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus NKA: = no known allergies NKDA: = no known drug allergies NRM: = no regular medications NSAID: = non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs PMH: = previous medical history PRN: = as needed sx: = symptoms s/s: = signs and symptoms stat: = immediately SOB: = short of breath tab: = tablet TB: = tuberculosis TPR: = temperature, pulse, respiration YOB: = year of birth

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