Medical ID Bracelet Amateur Video Event !

Medical ID Amateur Video Promo Event !

Earn $75 Store Credit *
(Enough for a free medical ID bracelet)

Our shop puppy was in-charge of making promotional videos for us and has been caught sleeping on the job. :(

With that said we are looking for lots of people out there to help us make some videos! Just a short 1-2 minute informative video. This is a great opportunity to to earn enough credit you will end up with a free medical ID bracelet!

If you make beaded ID bracelets that’s great!
You can make a video about beaded medical bracelets and how well they work with our medical IDs. We can also help promote each other if you sell your bracelets. Let me know and we can figure something out!

Some ideas but not limited to:


  • Video talking about health tips and help for a particular medical condition
  • Video of yourself talking about medical conditions and how it affects you.
  • Video discussing medical jewelry and the importance of having a medical ID
  • Did you make your own beaded medical bracelet? Show us !
  • Do you want to show people how to make a beaded medical bracelet? Please do!
  • Do you have gluten free tips, or diabetes help or recipes ? Show us!
  • Do you have personal experiences you want to share. Maybe one that involves a medical bracelet, or maybe one where a medical bracelet could have helped you.
  • Please share tips, and help of any kind. If you have a child with food allergy please make a video to help other people with kids with a food allergy. Same with any other medical condition.
  • If you are a doctor, nurse, EMT please contact me ASAP

We can help you come up with an idea so just ask!
Please share this article on a newsletter, blog, facebook or anything if you can. We need help getting the word out!
Visit our facebook at:

We will not use your video without your permission and of course not without giving you your store credit. You will earn your store credit after giving us permission to use your video and if we choose your video. We are not choosing just 1 video, we will chose as many videos that we get that we think will work!




When the day is said in done. A free medical bracelet is nice, however we are really here to help save lives and keep people safe. Medical IDs might be a small item most people do not think about, and if we can get more people to be aware of them, the more people can benefit from them.

So please help us tell other people, and in turn get yourself a free medical ID bracelet. You may just inspire one person which could actually save their life one day.


* Store credit will be given if we chose your video and if we obtain permission from you to use your video as promotional, and marketing on multiple online websites. Store credit can only be used once, and there can not be any remaining balances. Items can not be exchanged or refunded after using credit. If you have any questions just ask please :)



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