Pre-Engraved ID Bracelets

Pre-Engraved ID Bracelets

At My Identity Doctor, we offer only the finest stainless steel medical ID bracelets. Each of our bracelets is pre-engraved with the appropriate medical conditions and information to help keep patients safe and allow paramedics and doctors to perform the proper treatments without any wasted time.

Not only do we have a wide variety of engraved medical ID bracelets to choose from – including bracelets for autism, epilepsy, diabetes, hypoglycemia, breast cancer, Coumadin, penicillin allergy, peanut allergy, and more – but we also offer all of our bracelets with black engraving. This makes it easier for medical caregivers to read the information provided on your steel medical ID bracelet so that they may act quickly and give you the right treatment without any danger of misdiagnosis.

All of our custom engraved medical bracelets are pre-engraved in black, and each item comes with a free medical alert ID wallet card, as well. Order yours today.

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