Free Medical ID Wallet Card

My-Identity-Doctor is proud to not only offer some of the best easy to see and read Engraving but also send out complimentary medical wallet cards.

Medical Wallet cards are sent out on ALL orders big or small out of courtesy for your safety from My-Identity-Doctor

These cards are printed on high quality 100-lb. Premium Matt paper. They are blank with two sides with room on 1 side for your contact information and emergency contacts, and other side has room for your Medical conditions, Allergies, Medications etc.. This is your best option for receiving a quality medical card printed on Premium stiff card paper.

You may also download a free wallet card directly from our website. You may do this as much as you would like and anybody is more than welcome to do so. This is a great option so that you may print new ones, print out large amounts for groups or organizations, laminate or just keep in your wallet for your safety.

And last but not least you may print your wallet cards directly from our website. We are very proud to offer this option to you at no cost at all. Type in all your information and than print out your card!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime

Download & Print Wallet Card   Print Free Medical ID Wallet Card
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