Importance of Allergy Bracelets

The Importance of Allergy Bracelets
People generally think that having a food allergy or a drug allergy are relatively minor conditions, but the sad truth is that they just aren’t. A drug allergy or any other allergy can lead to very serious medical emergencies, and can even threaten your life. If you have a serious allergy and want to take all of the necessary steps to prevent accidental dosage of your specific allergen, then you will need to purchase a medical identification bracelet or a few allergy bracelets. Fortunately, we at My Identity Doctor offer a large selection of affordable products that is readily available to anyone with internet access

What Are Allergies?
An allergy is basically a mistake by your immune system. When a specific non-harmful substance enters the body, your white blood cells will treat the foreign substance as if it were a disease, releasing histamine and other chemicals that carry some uncomfortable side effects. If you have itchy skin, hives, swelling, rashes, congestion, or troubling breathing after ingesting something that is considered to be an allergen, then you should see your doctor to determine if you have an allergy to anything.

What if I Have a Drug Allergy?
The two most common types of allergy are allergies to food and allergies to drugs. If you have a food allergy, you can generally avoid contact with the substance and you’ll be OK. However, if you have a drug allergy, you need to take certain precautions to ensure you are not accidentally administered one of these drugs in the event that you are unconscious and unable to communicate with doctors or paramedics.

These medical professionals are trained to look for things such as a medical identification bracelet or allergy bracelets before they administer any drugs. If you are in a car accident, for example, and the paramedic wants to administer morphine, he or she will first check your person for any signs that you may have a drug allergy.

If such a professional were to see one of our medical identification bracelets, he or she would then choose to administer a different type of drug, preventing a potentially fatal dose of a dangerous allergen.
What About Other Forms of Medical Identification?

There’s really no substitute in terms of quality, price, and purpose for a My Identity Doctor medical identification bracelet. Our selection encompasses a wide variety of styles and sizes, so that your condition can slip by unnoticed except by those who need to know. Many people decide that medical tattoos are a foolproof way of informing doctors of their condition, but these are extremely painful to receive and create a permanent mark on your skin. Many patients also decide to get a medical ID card to slip in their wallet, but what happens if you are hospitalized without your wallet?

We at My Identity Doctor pride ourselves in serving people with a drug allergy with quality, potentially life-saving allergy bracelets for a reasonable cost. Browse on over to our website. If you have any questions regarding Allergy Bracelets please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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