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  • Relay for Life
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    The Relay for Life is about redefining possible–it’s about putting an end to cancer through a twelve-hour endurance event.

    Both the American Cancer Society and Canadian Cancer Society organize national events with one goal: ending cancer through fundraising, physical activity, and uniting teams of people who live with cancer, support people living with cancer, and honoring the memory of those who died from cancer. The event further symbolizes unity by taking place in 20 countries worldwide–at night, to bring symbolism to not only the darkness that can be cancer, but also the length of the journey (CCS 2013). images

    Though Relay for Life is an endurance event . . . it might not be what you’re thinking! While simultaneously honoring those fighting cancer, the Relay for Life is a night of fun–from sentimental moments reminding participants why they chose to participate in Relay for Life, to face painting, pillow sack races, karaoke and pizza, the 12 hour relay is fit for all ages and abilities [check out a sample schedule and “What to Expect at a Relay Event“!]

    To find out more about the Relay for Life, and find a Relay in your area (they are held throughout the year), follow the links below:
    United States

    Published by My Identity Doctor on August 7, 2013


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