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  • 5 Simple Ways to Make Traveling Easy with Sleep Apnea
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    Sleep apnea can lead to a disturbed repose, since it makes normal breathing difficult. It is possible to take care of the issue, while you are at home with the help of various breathing aids, but things may get complicated when you are traveling. When you are out of your comfort zone, it is necessary to remain prepared for combating all kinds of situations. With the developments on medical front, it has become possible to travel with various portable equipments as well as SOS alerts, which are easy to use.
    Here below are five simple ways to keep on breathing or find emergency help without hindrance when traveling.

    Wallet Cards:
    Problems with health and medical emergencies may occur any time, if you are suffering from sleep apnea. So, it is important to let people around you and those in a position to help understand your situation clearly. They should know what is ailing you in case you become unconscious or incoherent because of flaring of your condition! The front side of the wallet card explains your condition and in the back, you can write your address and emergency contact. Keep it always in your wallet during travel.

    Equipment Identification Tags:
    Equipment identification tags can be added onto your luggage that contains medicines and breathing aids related to your condition. This way it will be possible to identify the bag easily and it is not misplaced or confused with others. Again, when you find yourself in an emergency, you can direct those close to you or even bystanders in a position to help, to get your bag and get the medical assistance you need. These identification tags, not only mention that you suffer from such breathing issue, but also offer emergency contacts and your address. Moreover, these are durable and waterproof.

    Sleep apnea equipment:
    There are a number of simple to use and easy to carry around sleep apnea equipment available nowadays. It can make life easy a little bit easier during travel. Modern day Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices are quite easy-to-use and take with you when on the move. You can carry it on the plane in your handbag if needed. Besides the good old CPAPs, some recent new introductions in the market are making life easier for travelers. This includes Provent Therapy, having nasal devices attached to the nostril base with adhesives.

    Sleep apnea bracelets and sleep apnea necklaces are other important travel companions for those suffering from this disease. These identification tags notify others that you are suffering from breathing problems during sleep. It also contains personal information and contact information during an emergency. My Identity Doctor provides sleep apnea bracelets as well as sleep apnea necklaces to help raise support and awareness about these conditions.

    Doctor’ Note:
    Keeping your doctor’s prescription with you is important during travel because you may need it to seek help from local hospitals or consult it yourself. Your medical IDs containing information regarding your problem may also prove to be helpful during your travels so do not forget to keep them near you at all times.

    A correct diagnosis, will lead you on the right path to deal with your sleeping problem, effectively. Your doctor may prescribe you medication, or suggest you to alter your food habit, or make changes to your sleeping patterns, whether it’s going to bed early in the evening, or perhaps changing your mattress and sleeping position. So, when you discover you face trouble with your sleep, immediately contact your physician. He/she would suggest you a good remedy, and top it up with sleep apnea necklaces and sleep apnea awareness bracelets.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on July 23, 2013


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